Bawn Consulting Group is an Information Technology consulting business. Through a deep understanding of your needs we can rapidly deliver solutions that are both cost effective and minimise your exposure to risk.


The Bawn story

The Bawn name, aptly coined by our founder Andrew Paynter, stems from the Celtic word for the defensive wall surrounding an Irish tower house. This wall represents a major element of the Bawn story. We believe that we defend you, our client, from today’s uncertain technological landscape.

In a fast paced world where business evolves at break neck speed, what’s needed is a constant and trustworthy partner to help weather the storm. By digging deeper to uncover your true individual and business needs, we can form technological insights which, when delivered impactfully, will meet your objectives in a meaningful way. This is why Bawn was born.


Bawn beliefs

Bawn believes in putting clients upfront and center, offering unvarnished opinions, and being fully responsive from both a service and experience perspectives. These beliefs help pull our consulting offer together to create a memorable and impactful experience.

Needs first

Client needs are first and foremost at Bawn. The understanding and meeting of your needs are at the centre of our commitment to delivering awesome outcomes and service. This passion for delivering not only brings a positive experience with every interaction with you, but also means we focus on what we should be doing best.
You’ll always be engaged throughout the process by our experts with a genuine desire to listen, understand and meet your needs. We’re here to help and are committed to delivering.

Unbiased advocacy

We provide the unvarnished truth about your application, infrastructure technology, software and business process challenges, free of any vendor influences. Client advocacy and acting independently are core values of our consultants, and it’s this honesty that drives every decision. We believe our people are the most capable, creative and unbiased in the industry.


Responsive service and an outstanding experience is our commitment to our clients and is the driving force behind the Bawn brand. This unwavering focus is the measure of our success. We go beyond to anticipate and exceed your expectations each and every time.