The strategy is foundational for our customers’ future, and we look at the deep business drivers combined with how technology will impact the business. We focus on the need to be agile, assess and embrace digital disruption, achieve operational excellence, combining talent & technology; these strategies are driving customer value through growth and efficiency.



Bawn Strategy understands how to measure value and define success. We have the people, skills, and focused industry experience to deliver value-based outcomes. We bring the business together with technology to help our clients achieve valuable results.

Executive Engagement

Gain value from our insights on the risks and opportunities in today’s digital landscape.


Success is underpinned by the time to deliver and pivot. We bring a product-centric approach to outcomes that means time to deliver will be low and organisations can remain agile over time.

Agility is entirely about strategies that combine business with technology for the short-term outcome and persistent long-term gain because of re-use, adaptation, and reliability.


Our risk services facilitate robust security models, programs, and projects at Board Level, with Executives and Information Security Officers.

Risks posed to information security require expertise for the delivery of services that align business, security, compliance requirements and cyber defence measures.

We help clients identify issues and assess real business risk, meet compliance requirements under PCI, ISO 27001/2, the ISM and other security compliance mandates.


Digital covers many aspects, for many, it’s all about applications and technology, or a new way of engaging with customers and for others, a new way to do business processes.

The diverse activities that Digital covers require multi-faceted strategy and alignment with a shared vision about where the business will gain value.

We believe that digital is a strategic way of delivering value. In this belief, we are creating value in defining the strategy that executes a vision of experiences and foundational capabilities.

Operating Models

We develop strategic, product-oriented approaches by moving to a demand-supply principle and providing appropriate ICT governance, skills and knowledge models.

Businesses are constantly evolving operations for maximum value. To adequately respond to the needs of the business, we help operations align with the business to become integral to organisational agility.


Disruption is pushing technology and business together far more. This disruption is creating an opportunity for efficiency and growth. We join the tech with organisations to realise the opportunity.


Bawn has the technological design expertise and business experience to maximise new technologies, integrate old and re-use where possible. Our product design approaches solve complex technical issues.

We deliver the design approach for:

  • Experimentation & Innovation
  • Technology Roadmaps & Strategy
  • Technology Business Management
  • Architecture
  • Private, Hybrid, Public Cloud and Infrastructure
  • Technology Acquisition


Designing for growth and adaptability with digital requires targeted business strategy to help identify high-value areas and opportunities. Effective strategy protects, innovates and adapts business models for high-performance results.

Our strategies are delivering actionable outcomes for:

  • Digital transformation roadmaps
  • Digital readiness frameworks
  • Enterprise social models changing how organisations interact
  • Big Data & Analytics with our proven ability to deliver outcomes for complex problems involving multiple stakeholders
  • Combining IoT data with customer context, business logic, and connecting this across your entire platform.


As the technology landscape continually changes critical information more vulnerable than ever before, each new connection point created by each digital outcome expands the threat surface.

This reality requires deliberate strategies to be ready for cybersecurity incidents before and as they occur.

Elevating risks are not treatable with technology alone and need an enterprise-wide strategy that reduces overall security exposure.

The new risks especially social engineering led attacks, require comprehensive approaches that span people, process, and technology.

Increasing creativity on the threat surface requires far more than tools and technology. Our services deliver tenacious defence in depth approaches and organisational awareness to mitigate risks.


Customers, employees, and partners demand everything at their fingertips, and beyond now with fast-emerging wearable technologies.

We deliver enterprise leading experiences for users that are extending the reach of legacy applications and creating new mobile experiences that incorporate rich commerce experience.

We provide mobile solutions that reach users on any device and provide new opportunities for revenue growth, increased customer satisfaction and persistent information delivery tailored to the user.

We are delivering mobile strategies for:

  • Geo-fencing for sales, loyalty, safety, and marketing relating objectives
  • Mobile strategy for the modernisation of the workforce
  • New applications and integration of legacy
  • Wearables capabilities for new interface experiences
  • Persistent information streaming


We develop IT strategies to evolve from a cost centre to an innovation hub.

IT can unlock opportunities for the efficient delivery of greater business value with strategies that are fast to develop and provide roadmaps that are agile.

Our IT strategy work changes the executive mindset from cost containment to innovating with diverse stakeholders, partners, suppliers, and customers.


Our focused experience in specific industries enables us to deliver the practical and tactile strategy that frames the foundation for success.


Banks are transforming in response to pervasive digital disruption. Fintechs and incumbents with new, low-cost models are making markets very competitive.

Relevancy to customers by delivering the tailored digital experience is everything.

Digital approaches are allowing banks to serve customers better by innovating services quickly and across industry verticals.


Healthcare reform, demographic strain, and changing customer expectations provide the opportunity to take a strategic approach to digitization. This method is proving to provide healthcare organisations opportunities to provide services more quickly and safely, boost innovation, and maintain costs.

New digital technologies are combining to create platforms for change in the healthcare industry.

Public Safety

Public safety organisations purpose is to keep the public, communities, responders and public spaces safe. Current modes of operation are to do this faster, more efficiency, and at reduced or flat costs.

The challenges are growing in complexity and demands are rising with a reliance on critical communications across a growing number of mediums voice, data, video, IoT, data lakes and cloud platforms.

In emergency situations, time-bound decision-making needs tailored information instantly. In this landscape strategy that addresses the need for agency transformation, predictive analytics, digital public safety and community engagement is required.

Public Sector

Governments are under pressure from the public and businesses to transform public services. Government agencies are migrating to digital as a way of reducing cost, doing things faster and engaging stakeholders with a richer experience that prioritises users needs.

The move to digitize engagement is encouraging leaders to tailor experiences around the end users, failing to do so reduces the value of the investment.

Leading public sector organisations are moving towards experimentation, design-led thinking, and deeper industry partnership.


Efficiency, growth, and customer satisfaction are the imperatives for utilities. Together with greater reliability and safety is creating pressure in multiple areas.

This is creating the digital revolution in the utility industry. Renewables, distributed generation, smart grids, frictionless commerce and customer choice demand new capabilities.

Data collection capability is mature, prolific and data growth is rapidly compounding as a result.

This is presenting security threats, platform challenges and valuable opportunities for growth and efficiency.

As the competitive landscape is now battled out through digital channels, data analytics and the Internet of Things presents new product benefits around customer engagement and utility operations.

The digital economy is now disrupting industry at the same time governments seek to drive smarter measuring systems and a greener world for generation and consumption.

Addressing these challenges, requires a digital ready utility of the future. Readiness can begin with small strategies to improve efficiency and explore growth opportunities. As these iterative actions deliver success, bigger digital opportunities will present themselves.