Companies with visions to become digital businesses depend on combining technology and business objectives.

Those that are succeeding are doing so with secure integrated IT models that are inexpensive, quick to deploy and low risk to manage. These models are accelerating and expanding the reach of next-generation platform services for collaboration, analytics, intelligence, and security.

High-performance results are achieved by taking software-defined technologies and applying software design, product based thinking from the development of the vision all the way through to implementation for bulletproof running.



By working with you, we accelerate the technology and business transformation.

Together with our best of breed industry alliances and expert architects, developers, and engineers, we assist you to apply the best-fit software, infrastructure, and cloud technology in your environment, that overall lowers cost, risk and increases your agility.

As digital transformation takes place, operating models transform that may require new operating models. Under new operating models we can take care of the management of your infrastructure and operations to keep the focus on the businesses digital imperative.

When we help you with the operations of your environments, you receive technical excellence, proactive customer service, and flexibility in a personalised experience.


As customers are moving or intending to adopt cloud paradigms to lower cost and increase speed, we're helping them do it by providing:

Cloud strategy for Private, Public and Hybrid models that consider the business case, security and the preparation of applications for the move.
Assessment and Planning to ensure the deployment approach best considers public, private, or hybrid cloud platform.
Migrations to and from cloud environments using metric-driven experts, that will move the applications and infrastructure securely and efficiently.
Defining and implementing DevOps models that best suit the customers operating patterns.
Modernising applications to become highly portable and cloud-native.
Cloud-native application developments that take full advantage of cloud models for IoT, Big-data and analytics applications.
Security design & operations for maximum protection and flexibility.
Any cloud network design, build and operate for hybrid clouds that provide consistent operations, orchestration, security and telemetry across multi-cloud environments.
Cloud service management & monitoring.


Infrastructure is a critical foundation for successful digital business models, designed and implemented well infrastructure becomes the intelligent fabric that enables the digital business to succeed.

We're helping customers by designing, building and operating end-to-end solutions that drive agility, productivity and efficiency in foundational infrastructure services:

Network & Security environments we design and build help our customers to innovate, save money and improve efficiency.

We do this by standardising and simplifying the network to better support critical business needs, any-cloud capabilities, and defending against the increased security risk.

Our leading engineers in security services and technology partners are preventing attacks and reducing the cybersecurity risk. Engineering led security is here to help assess risks and build tailored solutions to support the digital business.

Infrastructure Engineering Services help customers reduce costs and gain efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. We're moving customers away from complex and inefficient IT environments, retiring technical debt and introducing design-based thinking for product-based outcomes.

Project Services where innovative and transformational project teams will deliver the required outcomes in the digital environment

We have resource capabilities that include top architects, technical leads, and engineers with accompanying project managers who have the track-record of understanding and delivering success.

We can deliver success in one to one models with you, as blended teams or as dedicated agile units on targeted objectives.

Our project operators have great hands-on experience working across multiple platforms and have proven history in delivering:

  • Private & Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Wide, Local and Data Centre Networks
  • Physical Data Centre's
  • Storage, back-up, archive and data migration solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • Data Lakes
  • Secure File Sharing Platforms
  • Highly virtualised environments
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
  • Software-defined any-cloud networks
  • IoT platform solutions

With this experience across these infrastructure and technology environments allows us to deliver the right skills with the outcome in mind.

Programmed consulting services for times when IT is under-resourced we can help you to efficiently bridge the demand gap for your IT resources on short-term arrangements.

We can provide help for building and operating technology environments across infrastructure, database, security, and network.

Our resources have relevant extensive experience on complex technical problems in challenging organisational environments. As consultants, they bring the ability to work with people and technology to help find solutions.


We provide day-to-day operations to deliver predictability, scale, and agility.

Our operate services help you with the running of your environments. We provide technical expertise, service management, and can support multiple technologies. This offering is reducing customer’s costs and improving the quality of service delivered.

Services we provide cover operational management across network, security, server, and storage in on-premise, private, hybrid and public cloud environments.


We deliver software applications to perform cloud natively, always mobile-first, and extensible while transforming legacy software to accelerate the adaptation to new ways of working.

We deliver software applications to perform cloud natively, always mobile-first, and extensible while transforming legacy software to accelerate the adaptation to new ways of working, in doing so we provide:

The modernisation of applications that reduce operating costs, capital expenditure and shifts staff from continually maintaining to innovating. Our services are providing advice, execution, and augmentation for migrations, re-factoring and remediating applications.

Designing as technology platforms and standards change, makes it difficult to align and integrate IT that is adaptive, cost-effective and low risk. Our services provide foundational technology models to build customised software that effectively integrates multiple systems. This design approach offers predictable, agile low-cost systems at lower cost.
Innovative approaches for delivering advanced technologies are integral components in our capability to provide traditional and lean architectures, micro-services, event-driven systems and API management. The experience we've gained on many projects is foundational in how we are delivering new IoT, artificial intelligence, and frictionless commerce applications.
DevOps is shifting application delivery from behemoth implementations with constant maintenance into a continuous delivery model for applications. Our DevOps services cover the full application lifecycle for mobile, web, IoT and sizeable integrated enterprise products. Our DevOps services and tools help you move quickly and efficiently to a continuous delivery model, and if needed we can provide constant support and DevOps teams.

Alliances are integral to our value proposition as we are increasingly implementing solutions that incorporate the full spectrum of leading-edge products from the top platform vendors. As we grow, we're maintaining and building deep product knowledge with key vendors and emerging providers including:

  • Salesforce for business productivity outcomes, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and IoT
  • Workplace by Facebook to change the way business is done by building apps, connecting systems, processes, and teams in a familiar environment.
  • Splunk for advanced analytics where we use best-in-class practices and the cutting-edge technology to look at real-time, machine-based data at scale with a timely, tailored and relevant view.
  • Tableau for Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics where we build intuitive analytics dashboards that empower your people to interact and access the information they need.

Regardless of where you’re at with your software journey, we can help with best of breed practices, processes, and tools to get the desired outcomes. Together, with our Alliance partners, we'll deliver results to innovate faster, lower your cost, reduce risk and enable your employees to do their jobs better.